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NHK News 7 NHK NEWS 7 

NHK has proudly produced NHK News 7 since 1985 in Japan. It covers various domestic and international issues including politics, economics, stock markets, foreign exchange rates, sports, and social issues. The program is well-acknowledged nationally and is one of the highest ranked news programs in Japan.

3min. Cooking 3min. Cooking 

Do you know what to cook for dinner tonight? 3 Minutes Cooking can give you great tips to add another plate on the table. This well-known and long-running program introduces an easy yet great recipe each week.

Hello Restaurant Hello Restaurant 

The Tokyo TV original program, Hello Restaurant introduces hot restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area. In each episode, the restaurant's popular dishes are featured. Our camera even goes inside the kitchen and shows behind the scenes of the restaurant. This program guarantees "gourmet time" to the viewers!

NHK Taiga Drama NHK Taiga Drama "Yoshitsune" 

This historical Taiga Drama is a life story of Minamoto Yoshitsune, a popular historical figure in Japan who is known to have been an excellent battle commander in the very end of the Heian period.
It beautifully depicts Yoshitsune’s life as he was chased by his older brother Yoritomo all the way up to his death. 
Yoshitsune, who respected "the feeling" and Yoritomo who valued "reason".
Takizawa Hideaki acts Yoshitsune, portraying his conflicts and suffering in his relationships with people.

BayCom! BayCom! 

BayCom! features variety of Bay Area's local trends to provide useful information for the viewers.

@Work @Work  (Broadcasts occasionally)

@Work is Tokyo TV's original local news program that features local events in the Bay Area.

@BayCatch @BayCatch  (Broadcasts occasionally)

@BayCatch! features hot things happening around Bay Area.

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