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TV Board is a classified ad spot. You can post ads for community events, job openings, items for sale, etc. during our program for non-commercial purposes. Text only graphics and narration are included. Translation from English to Japanese requires additional fees.

For inquiries about TV Board, please click here.

4 spots
15 sec × 4 times
20 sec × 4 times
30 sec × 4 times
8 spots
15 sec × 8 times
20 sec × 8 times
30 sec × 8 times
Above rates include production and air fees.

Graphic Sample Narration Sample (30 sec)

A business seminar hosted by TTV International will be held on saturday, ◯/X at 10 am at Bay Hotel in Burlingame. An attorney at SF law firm, Taro Tokyo will talk about US labor law as a guest speaker. The participation fee is free. If you'd like to participate the seminar, please call the number on the screen or go to the website.



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